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ace Pavers of Orlando

Your Local Landscaping & Masonry Experts


Central Florida homeowners,

Hello there, we’re Ace Pavers of Orlando – the #1 provider of brick, concrete, and stone pavers locally. With just shy of 23 years of experience in the industry, our masonry contractors have installed, repaired, restored, and sealed an immeasurable number of cobblestones and paving tiles for homeowners. The one thing we believe in is quality. We put love behind our work to make sure everything comes out perfectly. And by the way, job size isn’t a concern. We’ve done projects ranging from concrete driveways to installing a French drain. Regardless of the service, you can rest easy knowing that our team of professionals is here with you every step of the way. Sit back and relax as we deliver something worthy of a magazine cover.

Specializing in brick paver services, we have built:
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Fire pits & sitting walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Stairs and steps
  • Retaining walls
  • And more
  • Driveway Pavers

    Forget plain asphalt or concrete and choose driveway pavers. Paving stones can be made of natural stone, brick, concrete, and several other materials. They also come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you the ultimate flexibility to design the perfect driveway for your property. As an added bonus, if something cracks, you can pull it out and put a new one in fast. Use interlocking pavers to save money long term because they work in all seasons.

    Patio Pavers

    While some residents of Orlando, Florida choose poured or stamped concrete, there are plenty of other cool options. Our patio builders can design something truly one-of-a-kind using interlocking blocks. From stone to brick, patio pavers are a smart long-term investment that boost home value and last for years. Repairs are a breeze because each individual brick, concrete block, or stone can be replaced in minutes once the structure is in place.

    Pool Deck Pavers

    Swimming pool decks are notoriously slippery surfaces that cause a shocking number of injuries each year. The two fastest solutions for that are pool deck pavers and Kool decking (or both). Interlocking clay, brick, concrete, or stone can all be used to create a luxury vibe for your residential pool deck. Got a commercial pool deck that needs some love? We do that too. Whatever you pick, you’ll be able to walk around on a surface with some tack so you don’t bust your bum.

    Fire Pits & Sitting Walls

    Adding a fire pit to your backyard is the ultimate landscaping trick. Just don’t forget to have a surface built out underneath it so you don’t set the grass ablaze. Install an outdoor fire pit surrounded by pavers for a high-end feel and a fantastic experience. Skip the fireplace store and request a fire pit that changes the aesthetic of your property. Sit on the wall and enjoy conversation with family and friends as you watch the fire burn.

    Outdoor Kitchens

    Outdoor kitchens or summer kitchens as some call them are a great way to lower your electricity bill during the summer months. Let us design a space in the backyard that allows you to grill some barbecue and invite friends over. Rather than stinking up the house, we can build an outdoor kitchen with block paver walls that keeps the smells and smokey flavor outside.

    Stone Veneer

    Natural stone is one of the most attractive exterior applications you can add to a home to increase its value. We can install gorgeous stone veneer walls without mortar, using styles like ledgstone, tight-cut, versetta, and carved blocks. With a mix of styles and colors, it’s easy to match a home’s look. Use it for exterior walls, stone accent walls, fireplaces, and so much more.

    Retaining Walls

    Installing a retaining wall is an absolute must in Orlando if your landscaping is graded. The cinder block wall structure supports an enormous amount of weight, which can hold soil and shrubbery in place. In addition to preventing soil migration, retaining walls serve as a visual booster, drawing your eyes to the well-designed landscaping of the property. And if you don’t have the look you want, you can always reach out for landscaping services that exceed your expectations.

    Stairs and Steps

    Outdoor stairs installation is a no brainer for improving property value and increasing the ease of access to a building. Typical concrete flatwork is slippery, which is why we recommend choosing something with some grip. Whether you go with a stamped surface or interlocking bricks, safety will increase along with the home’s curb appeal.

    Just take a glimpse of our stellar reviews online and you’ll notice that we’re unmatched in area code 407.

    I could talk up this team all day, but let’s shine the spotlight on you for a second.

    You have a project in mind. It might be in the front yard, or it might be out back. And you’re not interested in becoming a stone mason over the weekend…you just want a trusted company to install some brick or stone pavers for you.

    But they have to look good and last for years, right?

    Well, here’s the goods news…

    You can stop searching the Yellow Pages for concrete companies in Orlando now because we handle stone, concrete, and brick pavers with the utmost care.

    I can guarantee you that our team will never:

    • Hit you with a barrage of technical terms
    • Talk over you
    • Pressure you into making a decision
    • Charge ridiculous fees
    • Go full Houdini half-way through a project
    • Or leave your texts on read

    Pull out your cell and give us a shout at (407) 315-2137.

    We’ll give you a bunch of things at no cost:

    1. Initial consultation and detailed estimate
    2. An unbeatable guarantee
    3. A true team of professionals that is pumped to make your vision into a reality

    We’re so excited to prove exactly how we earn all those crazy good reviews and claim titles like the top Orlando paving company.

    See Our Paver Sealing Services in Orlando and Around the Area

    Years of experience allows us to put in the reps, and that’s why our services can’t be beat. From Winter Park to Goldenrod, Azalea Park to Pine Hills, and Orlovista to Conway, our expert concrete, brick, and stone masons deliver results. We install paver sealant for any kind of paver that is porous. In addition to prevent water entry, paver sealing protects the color from fading in the hot Florida sun. We seal pool decks, walkways, driveways, patios and more.

    What The #1 Masonry Restoration & Repair in Orlando Can Do For You:

    Our company is like the Ferrari of masonry restoration in the Orlando area. We are not the standard, sloppy masonry company that half-builds something to last for a few months. I’m happy to say that this group of masonry contractors is the real deal.

    They are committed to helping you design a stunning look that blows people away when they see it…the type of appearance where neighbors are like “Wow, that’s a hell of a patio.” Envy is what we create.

    This expert team of trained brick repair professionals understand masonry services like kindergarten math, and when they start a project, they see it through.

    Sit back and think about all the positive benefits you’ll see from picking the leading masonry company in Orlando, Florida, for your hardscaping needs. Choose brick, pick stone, we can create a masterpiece with whatever material you want.

    They’re easy to work with and the spend more time honing their skills than Tiger Woods spends at the driving range. He wins majors, we win reviews and magazine features. Here’s the go-to masons for commercial and residential homeowners, HOA communities, apartment complexes and more.

    Reliable Concrete & Stone Paver Installers Nearby

    Check out some of the frequently asked questions and answers about our Orlando, Florida paver services:

    What all do you do?

    When it comes to Orlando pavers, we do it all. People call us for all types of paver installation, repair, and sealing for: driveways, patios, swimming pool decks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, sidewalks, walkways, retaining walls, cracks, holes, outdoor tile supply, backyard renovations, brick supply, concrete cutting, concrete slabs, crushed concrete, short load, gravel delivery, pool deck staining, stone veneer, Tremon, flagstone, Rio and coastal, turf installation, French drain installation, custom concrete flatwork, outdoor seating wall new construction and repair, manufactured, natural, and permeable stone, partition blocks, Travertine, Clay, deck drain systems, steps, staircases, hardscaping, project consultations…and to get estimates, free quotes, repair costs, and prices on everything in the list.

    What cities do you serve?

    We’ll consider anything in Orange County, especially anything around Orlando, FL, including: Kissimmee, Sanford, Saint Cloud, Winter Garden, Daytona Beach, Winter Park, Windermere, Apopka, Ocoee, Casselberry, Oviedo, Clermont, Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Leesburg, Bay Lake, and Lake Buena Vista.

    How much is this gonna cost me?

    Of course, it’s going to depend on the scope of the project. But skilled labor ain’t cheap, and cheap labor ain’t skilled. We command a premium price. We do things the right way, and we don’t cut corners. We’re not the cheap crew from Craigslist that throws a couple things down with no warranties or insurance. When we step onto a job site, we’re there to build something that increases the value of your property…something that’s going to last for a long time with minimal maintenance, so you don’t have to redo it every 2 years. If you’re the type to argue with the dollar store clerk over bazooka bubble gum prices, this isn’t gonna work out.

    But, we’ll get you a free detailed estimate quick and easy with no pressure and zero strings attached. Give us a call at (407) 315-2137 to schedule a day and time that works great for you.

    We’d be happy to explain our process, show you why we’re #1 around here, and explain how saving a couple bucks with the other guys can derail your retirement savings down the road. If you think hiring a quality mason is expensive, just wait until you hire a poor one!

    Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

    Sure do. It depends on the project. We’ll walk through that in simple terms when we come out for a visit to see what you’re looking to do.